We make you communicate better.
We as human beings cannot prevent ourselves from to 'communicate'.

Human can’t stop connectingWe need something to help us communicate

Continuing technological advances, as well as the appearance of new types of media, have caused drastic changes in our lifestyles. However, even as society changes, we as human beings cannot live without one thing: “communication”. ROOX takes the concept of “connecting to people” very seriously and aims to enhance the communication efforts of our clients. Our organization consists of a spirited group who develop “trading,” “translation,” and “WEB communication” businesses.

We make your smartphone life more fun.

We deliver ‘excitements’ to your life in JapanWe import and sell high-quality foreign products with ideas that cannot be seen in Japan.communicate

We want to make smartphones more comfortable and more enjoyable, so that they are inseparable from your daily life. We discover unique, high-quality, smartphone accessories in foreign countries, and sell them in Japan. We also have regular deliveries to major electronics retailers.

Ethnic background, subtleties of emotionWe are a proven translator at the field of game contents and comics

If the phrasing used in the content is unnatural, we cannot employ it, even if the content itself is impressive. Natural phrasing is an important aspect of communication. BOOX has an excellent translation staff skilled in subtle expression, ready to meet the expectations of our clients.

The translation businesses that ROOX has been involved in so far include games, comic books, and picture books. Empathy plays a key role in much of that content. We are proud of our important role in presenting such great works in appropriate forms to each country.

Translation by ROOX is not simply word-to-word. For example, illustrations, or images like photos and illustrations tend to reflect “our own national character”. The Japanese concept of “kawaii” is recognized throughout the world, but it is only “Japanese-style cute,” and so differs from that which is considered to be “great” in other countries. ROOX, through collaboration with partner companies in other countries, will also provide advice on illustrations and photos.